I'm a Freelance Digital Marketing Specialist

My job is to improve your digital marketing strategy so that it attracts new customers and at the same time keep contact with the ones you already owned. Moreover, I add personal touch to your communication and make sure that it stays eye-catching and easy to use. My aim is to bring across your message and identity in the most efficient and creative way. I enjoy turning complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive designs.



What can I do for you ?

Data & Analytics

I understand the data that is collected from daily users of platforms such as Facebook, Google, etc. These skills are essential to the development of all good marketing strategies.

Communication & Media

I review the new advertising formats specific to Digital, the way they work and are budgeted for, as well as the possible interactions to set up successful campaigns and continuously optimize them.

Advertising & Artistic Content

I create content (photos, video, etc.), its enhancement and dissemination are issues of communication and digital transformation. You'll use them as "fuel" to communicate on the Internet.